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WHITE Duo Pack (shampoo and tonic for dry hair and normal scalp)

WHITE Duo Pack (shampoo and tonic for dry hair and normal scalp)

WHITE Duo Pack (shampoo and tonic for dry hair and normal scalp)

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The GARDEN Cosmetics Guarante

If your skin isn´t oily or dry and you haven't any problems with your hair.

You have a NORMAL SCALPand you need a shampoo with cleaning and moisturizing herbs. 

You need WHITE Starter Pack, which:

  • promotes rapid hair growth;
  • prevents falling, premature graying of hair;
  • slows down baldness;
  • counteracts dandruff formation;
  • stimulates hair roots, improve nutrition;
  • improves scalp hydration.

The bioactive ingredients of the selected 6 herbs in unique combination help to remove impurities, hair remnants and:

  • promote rapid growth of strong hair;
  • reduce excessive loss;
  • strengthen hair and hair roots;
  • improve the condition of the scalp;
  • leaving the hair fresh, clean and ductile.
    It contains ingredients for subtle deep hydration and skin regeneration.


"... those shampoos really work or it's just a paid advertising? Michaela receives similar questions every day... ;)"

- Michaela (Slovakia), WHITE Pack customer


Don't save money on your hair. You wear it all the time.

Adrián M., trichologist


WHITE Starter Pack includes:

  • Rapuncell WhiteSolution (24€)
  • White Formula Shampoo (24€)
The GARDEN Cosmetics

is a natural hair cosmetics against hair loss and fast hair growth. Designed by hair specialists (trichologists), phytotherapists and herbal blends.

It mixes the best of modern technologies today (colloids, liquid crystals) with hundreds of years of proven herbal recipes.

We produce and ship The GARDEN Cosmetics products directly from the heart of Europe - from Slovakia.

All Your HAIR Needs Grows in the Garden.

100% Natural recipes

Secrets of nature from the gardens of the world in the GARDEN Cosmetics.

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More than 9875 women in Central Europe have already tried it.

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