Rapuncell iGel

Rapuncell iGel

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An original gel to support the growth of thick long lashes and eyebrows.

Clinically validated tests of one of the active substances confirmed almost 7% elongation of algae in 2 months. When recalculating annually, your lashes can be about 50% longer.

And this study does not take into account other herbs that we added to Rapuncell iGEL from your verified Rapuncell tonic recipe, with which hair grows like a plant!

What can you expect from the gel?

  • demonstrably longer and thicker lashes and eyebrows
  • a unique combination of stem cells with a proven Rapuncell recipe
  • simple and accurate finger application anywhere
  • rapid absorption to the roots
  • possibility to apply make-up after 2-3 minutes
  • dermatologically tested in a special laboratory in France
  • with daily use it lasts about 6 months
  • friendly price 2.80 € for 1 ml

How to use Rapuncell iGEL?

  • print a small amount of gel on the tummy of the index finger
  • rub your finger along the entire length of the eyebrows
  • massage by gently tapping your finger for about 1 minute
  • apply similarly to eyelashes - close the eye before application

How long will the Rapuncell iGEL last you?

15 ml package is enough for about 6 months of daily use twice a day for eyebrows and eyelashes. If an excessive amount gets into the eye and irritates it during application, rinse the eye with cold water.

Does it have any side effects?

Rapuncell iGel has been tested for safety in areas around the eye.

It also contains a medical skylight, which helps with allergies and conjunctival irritation, viruses with tearing, and eye irritation. It also helps with eye fatigue.

Is it suitable for you too?

The use of Rapuncell iGel is not based on skin types, such as The GARDEN shampoos and tonics, but is suitable for any skin type. Possibly also for men;)