Hair Cell Therapy
Hair Cell Therapy
Hair Cell Therapy
Hair Cell Therapy
Hair Cell Therapy
Hair Cell Therapy

Hair Cell Therapy

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How would you feel if your hair stopped falling and started to grow a lot faster?

Would you like to have:
  • Longer hair that grows a lot faster?
  • Healthier and shinier hair after every wash?
  • Thicker hair that doesn’t fall out after washing and brushing?


If you’ve answered YES at least once, it is recommended to start with this set.

The set of a shampoo and a tonic contains the best from the Rapunzel recipe enriched by precious TCM herbs, plant stem cells, and four colloids (gold, silver, zinc, and copper) for extra fast hair growth and stop of hair fall. The package will last for two-three months.

The Hair Cell Therapy set may be combined with other the Garden products.  (Shampoos, tonics, mask, etc.)

The Garden cosmetics is suitable for dyed hair. (Chemically, henna, and so on.)

What results can you expect?

Thicker hair slowed down hair loss

Faster hair growth (our customers report 2,5 – 3 cm monthly)

How to use the set?

Apply the tonic drop by drop to the individual spots on your scalp and massage in well. Use the shampoo as normally, ideally mixed in a cup with water.


Use the tonic twice daily (in the morning and the evening). The package will last for 2-3 months.

Hair Cell Therapy set

  • will be delivered in a luxury package, therefore also highly suitable as a precious gift.
  • 100% VEGAN -without ingredients of animal origin
  • 200 ml HairCell Therapy shampoo + 100ml HairCell Therapy Solution (hair tonic)