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GOLDEN Dou Pack (shampoo and tonic for dry hair and dry scalp)

GOLDEN Dou Pack (shampoo and tonic for dry hair and dry scalp)

GOLDEN Dou Pack (shampoo and tonic for dry hair and dry scalp)

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The GARDEN Cosmetics Guarante

If your skin is dry, taut, sensitive or it itches on the same day you wash your hair or you have small white dandruff falling from the head down. Dandruff is not necessary.

You have DRY SCALP and you need a shampoo with moisturizing herbs controlling sebum balance of your scalp (sebum is natural oil produced by the scalp).

You need GOLDEN Starter Pack, which:

  • provides immediate relief;
  • reduces redness and itching;
  • reduces scaling of sensitive skin;
  • reduces excessive hair loss;
  • supports hair growth;
  • restores skin cells.

The original formula with unique herb extracts combined with 24-carat gold particles can:

  • prevent hair loss and premature graying;
  • slow down baldness;
  • stimulate and improve hair roots nutrition;
  • promote dense hair growth and scalp hydration.

Contains ingredients for subtle deep hydration and skin regeneration.


"... my hair has grown a few centimeters in the first month!"

- Bianka Patrnciak (Slovakia), GOLDEN Pack customer


    Don't save money on your hair. You wear it all the time.

    Adrián M., trichologist


    GOLDEN Starter Pack includes:

    • Rapuncell Golden Solution (24€)
    • Golden Formula Shampoo (24€)
    The GARDEN Cosmetics

    is a natural hair cosmetics against hair loss and fast hair growth. Designed by hair specialists (trichologists), phytotherapists and herbal blends.

    It mixes the best of modern technologies today (colloids, liquid crystals) with hundreds of years of proven herbal recipes.

    We produce and ship The GARDEN Cosmetics products directly from the heart of Europe - from Slovakia.

    All Your HAIR Needs Grows in the Garden.

    100% Natural recipes

    Secrets of nature from the gardens of the world in the GARDEN Cosmetics.

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    More than 9875 women in Central Europe have already tried it.

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