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DETOXI Ag (hair peeling for sebum and peeling skin)

DETOXI Ag (hair peeling for sebum and peeling skin)

DETOXI Ag (hair peeling for sebum and peeling skin)

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DETOX Ag Sebo detoxifying cream is used against the formation of excessive amounts of sebum, against dandruff, against aging, and for the overall regeneration of the scalp.

It contains colloidal silver, antiseptics, tourmaline, and extracts from medicinal plants. It improves the hair structure, deeply cleanses the skin, and generally relaxes and regenerates it.

It has a beneficial healing effect on oily hair and with dandruff.

How to use it?

1) Apply 1 tube to the individual part lines of your hairs on slightly damp skin, then gently massage in with wet fingers in a circular motion.

2) Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and remove any residue.

3) Finally, wash your hair with shampoo. Repeat the application twice a week.


Colloidal silver, broad-spectrum antiseptic, and tourmaline, filter of complex protection of cellular DNA, bio-functional extracts of nettle, juvia, sown rice and passionflower from the Amazon rainforest, polynucleotides, trace elements of sea salt, antioxidant vitamins

Volume: 5 x 15 ml

The GARDEN Cosmetics

is a natural hair cosmetics against hair loss for fast hair growth. Designed by hair specialists (trichologists) and phytotherapists with the use of herbal blends.

It mixes the best of today's modern technologies (colloids, liquid crystals) with hundreds of years of proven herbal recipes.

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