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White Hair Mask- for deep hydration of dry, damaged or colored hair

5 reviews
White Hair Mask- for deep hydration of dry, damaged or colored hair

White Hair Mask- for deep hydration of dry, damaged or colored hair

5 reviews
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"Give your hair a little Aloe."

Original hair mask for deep hydration of dry, damaged, or colored hair.

Innovative liquid crystal technology:

  • closes the surface of the hair, improves the structure of the hair;
  • forms a protective layer on the hair surface;
  • reduces hair creping;
  • reduces the brittleness of hair and split ends;
  • facilitates combing;
  • enhances shine, gives your hair a soft, unobtrusive fragrance.
Complemented with a unique combination of highly valued herbs, hemp oil, and aloe extracts.

To achieve the effects described, use after each hair wash.

Designed to last you long. Just rub a small amount into the length of the hair, leave it for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Thanks to the liquid crystal technology, the hair surface will be closed and protected against drying for a long time.

If you feel greasy, reduce the dosage, reduce the exposure time, or wash the mask more thoroughly.

Additional details:
Suitable for each set: Golden, Silver, White, or Hair Cell Therapy.


Volume: 500 ml

The GARDEN Cosmetics

is a natural hair cosmetics against hair loss and fast hair growth. Designed by hair specialists (trichologists), phytotherapists and herbal blends.

It mixes the best of modern technologies today (colloids, liquid crystals) with hundreds of years of proven herbal recipes.

We produce and ship The GARDEN Cosmetics products directly from the heart of Europe - from Slovakia.

All Your HAIR Needs Grows in the Garden.

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Tereza T.

I love the hair cosmetics brand The Garden. I noticed the first changes after 1 month. My hair was longer and new hair began to grow. I love the smell of their products and, in addition, they really work. Definitely try them, it's a quality product without unnecessary chemistry.

Kristi N.

I've been using THE GARDEN hair cosmetics for over a month. My hair was always greasy and delicate, and the condition worsened a few months after giving birth. My sister told me about this cosmetics and we together promised great changes. A few days ago, I realized that my hair had changed. It's not just that they started growing new in places where I had only very thin hair before, but they are also better and finally not so fine. I think that it´s me who see and feel the change about my hair the most, as I touch my hair when I wash it, tease it, etc., but the closest family supports me to continue using of this cosmetics, as well. Unfortunately, I have poor hair quality even in genes, and before I got to know this cosmetics, I was gradually reconciling myself to never having normal, strong hair. But today, after about 6 weeks of using THE GARDEN, my opinion has changed because it gives me hope that I can also have nice hair and make a nice hairstyle on my head :-)

Kate I.

The main problem was that I had soft, dry and electrifying hair that often fell out. That's why I decided to try The Garden products. I started using them half a year ago. The changes came after about 3 months and a huge change came after using White hair milk and The Garden mask. My hair started to grow faster. It´s thicker, stronger and healthier, easy to comb and fall in the minimum number. I can only recommend.

Kate R.

I use products for about a month, my hair has stopped falling, their quality has improved. I can't judge the growth of the hair yet, because it takes time. Essentially, the scalp of the head has stopped itching, is not so tight and I feels good. The best products for my hair! I am so happy that I found it and decided to buy it! Best choice ever. I reccomend! Best wishes The Garden. You do it great! Thank you so much for my hair.

Sasa B.

When I was younger, I had beautiful long black hair. But later I started bleaching and doing some hair experiments. After 6 sessions at the hairdresser I finally had a black "blonde" hair. Unfortunately, peroxide destroyed them so I had to shorten them by 30 cm. I was desperate. My long hair was missing and troubling me that even short hair was burned because of peroxide. Brazilian keratin did not improve hair quality either. I tried everything to get them back to their original state. Nothing helped. Once upon a time I saw an interesting product with quinine on facebook from eva.n.essence (today's The garden cosmetics). I saw the results after the first week. My hair was softer, shiny. In one month they grew 2cm. "The garden" cosmetics was later improved by the more natural composition. I will not stop using this hair cosmetics, thank you.

100% Natural recipes

Secrets of nature from the gardens of the world in the GARDEN Cosmetics.

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