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Rapuncell Golden Solution- a tonic to grow hair and stop excessive falling for dry scalp

6 reviews
Rapuncell Golden Solution- a tonic to grow hair and stop excessive falling for dry scalp

Rapuncell Golden Solution- a tonic to grow hair and stop excessive falling for dry scalp

6 reviews
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Original active hair tonic supporting rapid hair growth and stopping excessive hair fall out designed for DRY scalp. Extracts from selected 8 herbs in a unique combination with 24-carat gold particles can:

 prevent hair loss and premature graying;
 stimulate hair roots, improve their nutrition
 promote new hair growth and skin hydration
• slow balding...

Apply on the scalp to the hair roots, gently massage with the fingertips into the scalp. Do not rinse off. Make it a daily ritual.

We recommend using hair tonic daily without interrupting min. 2-3 months ideally combined with Golden Formula Shampoo.
(please do not combine with cheap drugstore shampoos, they can minimize the desired effect)


Volume: 150 ml

The GARDEN Cosmetics

is a natural hair cosmetics against hair loss and fast hair growth. Designed by hair specialists (trichologists), phytotherapists and herbal blends.

It mixes the best of modern technologies today (colloids, liquid crystals) with hundreds of years of proven herbal recipes.

We produce and ship The GARDEN Cosmetics products directly from the heart of Europe - from Slovakia.

All Your HAIR Needs Grows in the Garden.

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Rebecca I.

My hair is soft, nourished, shiny and beautiful. I love The Garden products! My hair grew rapidly by using tonics Rapuncel Golden (about 5 cm in 2 months). Hair stopped falling and have better quality. I definitely recommend this hair cosmetic.

Helena M.

Good day. I would like to share with you the benefits of The GARDEN hair cosmetics. I have had quite a lot of hair loss problems and itchy skin on my head, dry and fine hair in recent years. Then I found The GARDEN hair cosmetics online. I ordered a tonic Rapuncell GOLDEN SOLUTION and became the miracle. After about a month's use of tonic, the hair stopped falling, the scalp slumped and the hair picked up. The skin on the head is quieter, is not irritated after hair dyeing, has stopped itching. The hair from the roots began to grow again, it is stronger, begin to densify and it´s quality has improved overall. My acquaintances have noticed it immediately, also my colleagues and many of them have also begun to order The GARDEN cosmetics. Ordering cosmetics is very easy and delivery fast. Mrs. Eva is a nice person and she always helps me. Therefore, I highly recommend hair cosmetics to each of you.

Anna G.

Problems with my hair: hairloss, hairdamage and greasy hair- I must washed my hair too often. When i started to use hair cosmetic the Garden, my hair became more healthier, hairloss stopped and thanks to the Garden (tonicum), my hair has started to grow faster. My hair was more soft after the first washing but hair started to grow after a month but they are less greasy now. My hairskin is without dandruffs. My friend said that my hair is shinning. I use the Garden only one month and half. I am going to order more products ...I absolutely recommend the Garden. Unfortunafely, I don't have any photo before and after.

Veronika N.

I didn't believe the Gardens, but after revealing the shampoo and tonic I felt a change from the first wash, the hair was tougher and more vivid. After a month of use, my friends also noticed changes in my hair and asked me what it was like to answer them with the Gardens, so I didn't borrow them and I have to say they ordered their hair as needed. I tried all of the products but at the moment the Gardena is one of the best, I have not made pictures before but I see the changes I and my surroundings.

Izabela T.

Hi, I had a problem with hair loss long time. I have been following “the garden” cosmetics on instagram and finally i decided to order it. I always had my hair dry and often messy. As I use this cosmetics everything has changed, thanks to the tonic my hair have stopped falling out (by the month) and thanks to the mask they are well hydrated. I think my hair is better than before and i like touch them because it’s so soft and glossy. And of course it’s natural cosmetics, without chemicals, so I prefer it.

100% Natural recipes

Secrets of nature from the gardens of the world in the GARDEN Cosmetics.

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